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The turtle and the bird

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

Paths cross and then diverge,
Tales of fleeting connection begin to emerge.
A bird and turtle, strangers from the start,
Their meeting brief, yet etched in heart.

High above the skies, the bird took flight,
Wings spread wide, embracing the light.
With every beat, it soared and soared,
Spotting the turtle behind, its heart implored.

Beneath the waves, a turtle explored,
In tranquil depths where secrets were stored.
It glimpsed a bird with longing eyes,
As it's distance grew, filling the turtle with sighs.

A fleeting encounter, a moment's embrace,
In that brief meeting, a trace of grace.
They shared a glance, a flicker of kin,
Bound by destiny, they parted within.

The bird carried on, in search of the unknown,
With winds as its guide, to lands yet unshown.
In its heart, the memory of the turtle's gaze,
A bond formed in a fleeting moments' haze.

The turtle swam on, through the vast sea,
With the ebb and flow, forever wild and free.
Whispers of the bird echoed in its mind,
Leaving an imprint, an unanswered find.

Days turned to nights, seasons came and went,
Their separate journeys, a life truly unbent.
Yet, in the silence of their separate ways,
Thoughts of each other colored their days.

The bird often wondered of the turtle's fate,
Did it find solace or encounter life's weight?
While the turtle pondered the bird's distant flight,
Did it conquer new horizons or just fade out of sight?

Destiny's mystery, a question untold,
Their paths diverged, stories yet unfold.
But in their hearts, a connection remained,
A bond unbroken, forever ingrained.

For sometimes in life, chance encounters fleet,
Leaving imprints that continue to entreat.
The bird and turtle, forever intertwined,
In the realm of wonder, their spirits aligned.

ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ ʍɐɔ