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Facebook, and our future

Timothy D Meadows IITimothy D Meadows II

I do not dislike social media as a whole. However, I do not like, and can no longer support how facebook abuses extremely powerful AI modeling formulas to locate, and market to easy to manipulate people.

Facebook is a veritable giant in the AI modeling world. It has trained models to locate fringe, angry, and emotionally fragile people. Then, rather than remove, or help those people. They have decided it was best to experiment with them. To see how far they could manipulate these people into following, and interacting with content that they curated just for them. Further, they experimented with how long they could entice users to remain engaged with content of the same type. The content they where curating was not harmless. It was specifically curated to target emotions that AI models had detected in the previous groups of people that where easiest to stimulate into interacting with.

Basically, through extreme research, facebook found out you can get people who are on the fringe edges of society to click on content that validates, or re-enforces there world view. They, also, found out you can manipulate those same people into repeatedly click on content that continues to validate there views more aggressively if there are fewer sources outside of facebook that they can find the same level of re-assurance that they are not alone. That means, crazier the content. The more likely it was only on facebook, and that meant the people looking for re-enforcement from that type of content, would remain on facebook longer. The more people they could target, the more data they built up, and in turn, the more accurate the there ability to create curated content streams that can be interacted with for longer, and longer.

Regardless of why facebook was created, or what it offers us today. The main reason facebook now exists is to build a massive empire of data. The reason facebook is one of the worlds largest contributors to the artificial intelligence modeling in the world is because they needed advanced enough methods to harvest that much data. They want to target people with high enough accuracy that advertisers will pay them top dollar to have there ads placed with the highest chance for interaction. Regardless of what that interaction is! In the end, facebook is nothing more than a system for stimulating hate, fear, and depression because it's easy to make money.

Social media as a concept is not wrong. Companies, like facebook, who then use that information to target the easiest to manipulate among us, for profit! IS. NOT. RIGHT.

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